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Obama opens Eastern Seaboard to oil exploration, upsetting environmentalists - Dallas News →


The [sonic] cannons [used to find fossil fuels] create noise pollution in waters shared by whales, dolphins and turtles, sending sound waves many times louder than a jet engine reverberating through the deep every ten seconds for weeks at a time. …

Whales and dolphins depend on being able to hear their own much less powerful echolocation to feed, communicate and keep in touch with their family groups across hundreds of miles. Even fish and crabs navigate and communicate by sound, said Grant Gilmore, an expert on fish ecology in Vero Beach, Fla.

"We don’t know what the physiological effects are. It could be permanent hearing damage in many of these creatures just by one encounter with a high-energy signal," Gilmore said. …
"Even if there were oil out there, do we really want that? Do we really want to see these offshore rigs set up?" she [Katie Zimmerman] asked.

Besides the fact that our human-friendly climate may not be able to survive being subjected to the burning of those additional fossil fuel deposits, and besides the fact that the burning of those additional fossil fuel deposits could have negative repercussions that last for hundreds of thousands of years, and besides the fact that the unnecessary destruction of living creatures via sonic cannons could prove to be monstrously cruel; it is growing increasingly apparent that our well-being depends on the well-being of other living creatures in ways that we are just starting to understand. For example, very recently Mother Jones reported that “The Incredible Thing About Whale Poop Is That It Fights Climate Change.” And unfortunately, the unnecessary destruction of biodiversity upon which our well-being may depend by unscrupulous corporations, could prove to be functionally irreparable.